The 3D printing at Advance Research Lab enables with a terrific idea to envision and create a tangible prototype of your conception. There are many possibilities open to the sheer amount of practical items you can both create and design from this service. Our 3D Printer, like other models, uses standard PLA and ABS plastics, which can be any color, and has dual extruders, making it reasonably efficient while yielding a strong and steady output. Aside from the standard plastics, which produce solid but relatively fragile objects, the 3D Printing at Advance Research Lab is capable of printing both Nylon and Polycarbonate objects, which are two very strong plastics, as well as creating objects with flexible filaments, such as PCTPE and others.

With all the available materials, the possibilities for printing the perfect mock-up product are endless. When combined with the proper components, new designs for all types of medical and pharmaceutical devices, such as pacemakers, hearing aids. defibrillators, artificial joints, coronary stents, tympanostomy tubes, and many more, can be made easily at an affordable price. Besides making already existing devices, the world of 3D Printing opens up all sorts of original designs for all applications of science, as there are a vast number of free softwares online,whichcan be used to make unique designs.